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Jul 21, 2012 7:00pm EDT
kids like this alive. >> and a return to africa. former president bill clinton speaks to us exclusively on his campaign for that continent's victims of hiv/aids, and how new drug could change that struggle. >> the numbering is the best thing ever is staggering. it could reduce the likelihood of new infections by 75%. >> hello. there is the beginnings of another humanitarian catastrophe. one of the country's touched by the arab spring. for some 80 months, yemen has been wracked by political turmoil. now millions are going hungry and worse. according to the united nations, nearly half of the population, or 10 million people, have limited or no access to sufficient food. 47% of children under 5 years old are chronically malnourished. the worst affected areas are in the west of the country surrounding the capital sanaa. jeremy cooke has this exclusive report. >> the face of a crisis. ashmial is barely clinging to consciousness, barely clinging to life. a 1-year-old who weighs as much as a newborn baby. you do not need a scale to know that this child needs help now. like so many young victim
Jul 28, 2012 7:00pm EDT
that we used was about $1.2 million. >> rebel commanders are holding a crisis meeting, desperate to find ways of getting more cash and weapons. they have had little luck from the main opposition group aimed at the syrian national council, funded partly by saudi arabia and qatar, countries committed to arming the rebels. i have been told by one senior syrian national council figure that there was a pause in arms shipments a few weeks ago because mistakes had been made. weapons were passing to people who were not real revolutionaries. they were, he said, dealers who the fear that weapons might fall into the wrong hands, including terrorist hands, is one reason why cia agents are now known to be operating in the area, trying to vet arms recipients, collaborating the turkish military whose role in the struggle is much more active than is officially admitted. down the road, a turkish military watchtower. one syrian rebel commander told me he had received guns distributive from a turkish army truck parked nearby, right by the border fence. a local mp from turkey's main opposition party has hea
Jul 14, 2012 7:00pm EDT
. more than 40 years later, he explains why he felt he had to speak out. >> i was blessed to use my talent to help those without a platform to voice an opinion, and this opinion was a unilateral opinion of dealing with human rights. >> and with this year's olympics opening -- opening in london later this month, meet the doctor who looked into the sponsorship deal attached to this global festival of sport and physical fitness. >> we're facing an obesity epidemic, and i find it of scene that the olympics chooses to associate itself with fast food, sugary drinks, chocolate, and alcohol. >> hello. this month, the united kingdom, in london in particular, will be the center of the world's attention. the olympics is a sporting event, the politics is never far away. for a palestinian gunman in munich to an anti-abortion protest in atlanta, many are trying to use the olympics to make a political statement through violence. but our guest this week made a peaceful protest which captured global attention at the mexico olympics in 1968 and still resonates today. it turned him into a hate figure
Jul 7, 2012 7:00pm EDT
was with him. >> of course, you are listening to him in the background. good to have you with us. >> what made this star witness for it? more clues are emerging from his hometown, kingston, jamaica. we found out that the prosecutors flow over to help him lead the charge he was facing at the same time for carrying a few bullets into jamaica, a relatively minor charge, or so he thought. he is now dead, and his lawyer from the time now more forthcoming. >> he was charged with importation of firearms, and i think there were -- might have been other charges. >> it transpire he was facing charges of bringing guns, ammunition, and silence is into jamaica and this is potential life sentence. >> there was a fine on the charges, but no imprisonment. >> you must have been pretty surprised. >> i was delighted. i was delighted. i was delighted. >> do you think the prosecutors coming down on him to testify made the difference between him going to jail and not going to jail? >> let's put it this w -- i considered at that time that it might have made a difference, and that is why i called him. nothing of any
Jul 1, 2012 8:00am EDT
and build a bridge for us. i want them to think of it as kind of a bridge for them. >> how do you calibrate when you are working with different directors? >> i am quite young in the wagnerial torrential waters. i cannot wait now to sing a full ring cycle on my own in britain. yes, i was incredibly honored to be part of the new cycle at the metropolitan opera, be it controversial or not. the youngsters that came to see it in bided absolutely adored it. >> when did you hear your first offer? do you know? >> i remember exactly. it was othello. i was given a seat by bbc wales to review the evening. i gave it such a glowing, fantastic review. that was the ignition that i needed. the candle lit. there was this year -- a moment, and i thought that this was what i wanted to do. >> when you can singer of the world, that catapulted to into your future stardom. >> i would say that it catapulted dmitri, the eventual winner, and he was the clear favorite. whereas i took my time and some smaller roles in opera houses in britain. >> but you were out front from the start. did you have a handicap at first?
Search Results 0 to 12 of about 13 (some duplicates have been removed)